Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SB 414!

Now is the time for action!!!

From the Alabama Birth Coalition:

We have made monumental strides with our legislative effort this session, and now we need your help! Senate Bill 414, the bill to license Certified Professional Midwives in Alabama, will pass out of committee and be brought to the Senate floor for a vote within the coming week or two. Before the vote, our Senators need to hear the message loud and clear: Alabama families support licensed midwives.

We urgently need each of our supporters, their friends and family to call their state senator and ask him/her to vote yes on SB414!

Each and every phone call is vital to successful passage of the bill in the Senate. One does not need to have had (or plan to have) a midwife-assisted birth--anyone can still voice their desire for Alabama families to have that option. Please do not be intimidated by the idea of calling your legislator. Legislators do not know what their constituents want if they do not hear from them. Believe me, they will be hearing from our opposition so it is extremely important that they hear from constituents in even larger numbers.