Monday, March 1, 2010

Induction Increases Cesarean Rate

REALLY? No... You must be joking.

Ok, so enough of my sarcasm and on with the facts...

To start with, here is the full text of the article.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) May 15 - Elective induction of labor significantly shortens the active phase - by an hour, on average - but nearly doubles the risk of cesarean section, researchers report in the May issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Did you get that, one hour. You are shortening your active labor time by one hour, and in return, you're doubling your chances of getting major abdominal surgery. What is the draw here?

Forgive me, I'm feeling annoyed about our skyrocketing induction and c-section rates. No, make that ANGRY.

With all this hot-air about health care reform and lowering health care costs... what on earth are we letting happen in Maternity Care? No matter how many studies are done, no matter the results.. nothing is changing. Studies have shown over and over that modern obstetrical protocols are causing more c-sections, more deaths and more bad outcomes than the traditional methods that midwives use.

This is NOT rocket-science people. Why is it so hard for us to understand that a c-section is not a minor, no-big-deal procedure? When are we going to start telling women openly , honestly that c-sections are major surgeries, with major risks, both for the current and in the future when that same woman gets pregnant again, and maybe again after that?

The induction rate MUST be addressed. It's insane for this many women to be consenting to inductions that are completely unnecessary.

You can wait another 2 weeks for your baby to be born. They will be healthier for it, and so will you... and so will the rest of the babies you have.

Tell me, which looks like more fun?




Ok, rant done. Go ahead - call me the EVIL, ANTI-INDUCTION DOULA.


Shannon said...

Things may be changing, look at me, I may have been one of those women but because of the information out there Marc and I were lucky enough to educate ourselves in the last month or so about how birth could/should be. It's because of people such as yourself that made that possible.

apmotz said...

Well I suppose that DOES make me a happy doula. When I can make a difference. Thanks for the pick me up. :)

Maria @ A Mom Is Born said...

Unfortunately, I think it is one of those things that feeds on itself. When you know SO MANY women who have had their babies via c/s, its hard to admit the risks. And with a c/s rate nearing 40% in my town, you know nearly as many women having c/s than vag births. It's disheartening, for sure.