Friday, February 19, 2010


So, I keep stats on all the births I attend. Mostly to get a general idea of how a doula is contributing in comparison to the averages in my area. Here are mine as of the end of 2009...

* 82% gave birth vaginally
* 18% gave birth by c-section
* 24% received an epidural or other pain medication during labor
* 71% were unmedicated during labor
* 18% were attempted VBACs, with 30% achieving a vaginal birth
* 24% received an episiotomy
* 18% were inductions
* 24% received internal monitoring
* 47% were first time moms

I'm happy with them. I don't really care much about the medication rate, so much as the vaginal birth rate. 18% is great for this area, since in 2006 the rate was around 38%+.

Still waiting on that birth to happen. :)