Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Year, New Blogging!

So, I've been slow to begin blogging this year. I've been, well... busy. January was a lovely month, that included the entire household getting the flu. We are well again, mostly.

I am now waiting for the birthing to start! So, here is a rundown of the planned events for February.

8th - Sophia turns 4!!
9th - Client Due Date
10th - Movie and Discussion with Wiregrass Birth Network
12th - Wiregrass Birth Network Outing at Landmark Park from 12-2
14th - Valentines Day!
16th - Birth Network Meeting in Fort Rucker from 10-12
18th - Birth Network Meeting in Dothan from 10-12
19th - Cole turns 2!!
20th - Healthy Pregnancy Class at 2pm
25th - Potential Client Due Date

Busy busy busy.

I suspect my next post will be a birth story! YAY! I'm ready!