Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009/2010 Maternity Care Excellence Awards

HealthGrades recognized 145 hospitals with a 2009/2010 Maternity Care Excellence AwardTM. This places these hospitals among the top 10% of all hospitals nationwide for maternity care.

These best-performing hospitals consistently outperformed all other hospitals for maternal complication indicators as well as the weight-stratified neonatal mortality indicator (the number of newborns who died while in the hospital, examined by birth weight). Because of these vast quality differences, women should take care to research quality prior to choosing the hospital where they will deliver their baby.

Unfortunately, not a single hospital in Alabama received an award. In fact, the closest hospital that received the award is in Gainsville, FL, 240 miles away from Dothan. North Florida Regional Medical Center

AND... I am not incredibly happy with this study for its cesarean rates....

C-section rates average approximately 32% among the 19 states studied.

Obviously, a much lower c-section rate would be beneficial.

For a complete list of the hospitals, click here.


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