Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm trying!!

Seriously! I really am trying to be a good blogger, but I'm, well, I guess I'm just not that interesting!

Day in the Life - St. Patrick's Day addition:

This morning I cleaned the living room (sophie actually helped!!). As a treat for helping, we went to McDonalds (I know, I know) and ate INSIDE. Sophie just loves this. We even went to the McD's without a play place... she still loves it... weirdo!

Anyway, then we went and got some color wonder markers and the special paper. Yay! No more coloring on my walls! Then we head to the store (For Pet's Sake) to do some work.

4:30pm is my Yoga time. My time to be with adults, and only adults and get a nice workout. As usual, it was wonderful.

I get back at 5:30pm to a completely pathetic crying baby. Geez! Some little kids had come into the store yelling and woke him up. Mandy was NOT happy, until I got back (haha).

Then we got home and I cleaned the kitchen... the chore I asked my OH-SO-RELIABLE husband to perform... ugh! Sophie helped me with dinner, she likes to pour the rice in the pot and help me season the chicken. While we were eating, Sophie (who can't sit still to save her life) falls off the chair and smacks her head on the floor. She's gonna have a huge bruise... I swear, people must think I beat my children. They are both so clumsy.

Then, for dessert, we made GREEN milkshakes in honor of the holiday! Cole was in heaven.

Then, of course, we had to take a nice warm bath to get rid of the "stickies" and the cold from the milkshake. Then book, then bed for Sophie. Nursed Cole, and they are both asleep! Yay!

It was a pretty good day!