Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is WRONG on so many levels....

I am shocked... well maybe I'm not... but I am infuriated. This is wrong on so many levels...

Bedtime Feedings - Enfamil

Your baby needs a proper amount of sleep to keep her healthy and happy. That's why we created new Enfamil RestFull, the formula specially designed to naturally encourage a good night's sleep.

* A natural way to help keep your baby feeling satisfied.
* Thickens gently in baby's tummy and digests slowly.

Fact #1: Newborns need to be fed every two to four hours - and sometimes more.

Fact #2: For a new baby, a five-hour stretch is a full night.

Fact #3: One of the suspected deficits involved in some SIDS deaths is the apparent inability of the infant to arouse to re-initiate breathing during a prolonged breathing pause.

Fact #4: Breastmilk (babies preferred diet) digests within 90 minutes.

We need to, as a culture, understand that babies waking often during the night is NORMAL and HEALTHY! As a friend of mine said... "This product is trying to improve upon nature." SORRY! I think nature got it right.

I encourage you to contact Enfamil and let them know your concerns.


Amy said...

We live in such a messed up culture, where we expect our infants to sleep like adult, be self-sufficient, and feel that what nature intended is seriously flawed. There's a reason for everything, but our culture believes that science and technology are superior to our biological/physiological make up.

Megz said...

Thanks Ashley, I sent a message to enfamil. When I saw this on the shelves recently I wanted to smash it all all over the floor. this can only be detrimental to an infant's health. :(