Friday, June 12, 2009


It's really easy to come by lately...

Frustrated because I'm a mom... the kids don't always go to bed peacefully, they throw tantrums, they're whiny or hungry or sleepy or all of the above...

Frustrated because I'm a wife... to someone in law enforcement, and all that comes with it.. the long hours, the weird schedules, the fear and worry, the grumpy mornings from lack of sleep and because the kids are screaming...

Frustrated because I have a job and a business, despite already being a mother and wife.

Frustrated because it's often hard to find money to pay all the bills, not to mention all those random bills that show up when you least need them too.

Frustrated because life is just frustrating... because when you had no responsibility, "life" looked so exciting and easy. Welcome to the real world.

Despite all that frustration, I still love being a mother, a wife, a worker, a business owner, a doula, a birthy woman, an advocate.... I just wish there was a bit more money (hahaha)!!!!