Thursday, May 28, 2009

OB Consent

So, in being the huge birth junkie that I am, I am a member of several email groups. Today, while reading through some posts, I came across this little jewel...

A Different Kind of Consent Form

Did you know that OB's love to pull out those long and horribly written consent forms when you want to use your rights as a citizen to respectfully decline a treatment, even when that treatment might be worse than declining it in the first place?

It really gives you a lot to think about. While this may not apply to every woman, it often applies to far more than is acceptable.

Don't be a sheep! It is your body, and your baby... and your birth. Do your homework! Read some good books with real research in them. Here are a few...

Think about what your doctor says to you. Does it make sense? Is it logical? Ask questions. Remember, you hired them to be your birth attendant... you are not at their mercy.