Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Introduction

I sit her musing over things I could type, and I've settled on just a short and sweet introduction. So... Hello! Welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy it.

First things first.... I am a doula and childbirth educator. For more on that, go to my website:

I am also a mother of 2 young children (2 yrs and 3 months) and a wife. I have 3 dogs. Suzie, the Chihuahua, (who as of this moment is being carried around the house by my 2 yr old daughter) who thinks of herself as "in charge, but is generally deflated by my daughters enthusiasm. Nero, the German Shepherd, whose name suits him well. And Dan, the Great Dane, who is the wimpiest dog I've ever known, but has a good heart, as gentle giants usually do. My husband is a deputy sheriff and works long and late hours, but leaves me with a bed to stretch out in, at least for MOST of the night.